ATIF Digital Platforms

Those are our main Projects

Shedra - Educational Platform

Shedra Educational Platform is designed to fit specific IDC and ATIF needs and promise to improve overall efficiency and reduce efforts.

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Communication Platform

We have more and more collaboration projects where fast and efficient communication is a must. Emails are good but are so 2000 ;)

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Trenpa - Multimedia Archival Platform

Trenpa is a software to provide robust cataloging solution for physical and digital multimedia collections

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ATIF Correspondence Protocol System

Internal Protocol System archiving and keeping registry of all important ingoing and outgoing electronic and physical correspondence

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Asset Management

IT tool belt implementing some of best practices for IT management. Is in early beta stage so there can be some "rough edges" but it is already useful.

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Aula - Video Conference System

Video conferencing system set up for internal ATIF communications and further integration with Shedra allowing participation in online classes

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