Asset Management

IT tool belt implementing some of best practices for IT management. Is in early beta stage so there can be some "rough edges" but it is already useful.


Organization App

This app should reflect organization structure. Stucture can be horizontal or hierarchical with any number of related organization units. Organization manages users and groups. Groups gather users with special defined roles. App is necessary for granting user access to manage other application according to user roles. Users may access only resources related with organization to which they belong ("Staff Group"). Users belonging to "Admin Group" may manage applications on their organization level and all organizations belonging to their organization. Same user may belong to diferent organizations and groups performing diferent roles. Its posible to create users who belong to given group and in the same time are not member of staff group (can be usefull for consultants, etc)

App allows:

  • Create any hierarchy of organizations
  • Create and manage users related with organization
  • Create and manage groups related with IT roles
  • Assign users to groups

Assets Inventory App

  • Supports multiple inventories for each organization
  • Create asset templates to streamline adding of individual items belonging to the same model.
  • Ability to retire & reactivate inventory assets.
  • Assign assets to one or more users.
  • Assets may have different owners.
  • Asset records may have attached files with drivers, manulas, configuration documents etc
  • Freely defined properties for each asset class.
  • User defined locations (with precise geographic position).
  • Search utility
  • Export of inventory (or subset defined by search) to Exell file

Asset Provision Management App

  • Tightly integrated with Assets Inventory app.
  • Petition Submission for new asset or replacement of defectous one
  • Petition Management
  • Email alerts for change of status of petition

Network Management App

  • Tightly integrated with Assets Inventory app.
  • Broad definition of network devices (connections can be even USB), so all peripheral devices can be mapped
  • Automatic Network topology graph visualization (doesn't require intervention)
  • Quick view for: location, state, owner
  • Info about each device can be easily access and edited

Incident Management App

  • Automatic incident priority evaluation based on urgency and impact metrics
  • Automatic incident resolution deadline evaluation based on user status
  • Tightly integrated with Assets Inventory app.
  • Incident submission
  • Incident Follow Up - keep track of all changes of state and observations following incident
  • Change of status of incident triggers email notifications

Service Management App

  • Based on concept of SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Implements Service dependence
  • Each service may have many SLAs with different providers
  • SLA may contain few personalized classes of properties
  • SLA may have attached files with contract, documentation, manuals etc

Management Dashboard Agregates metrics from other apps and displays comprehensive view on actual IT status

  • Problematic Assets
  • Pending Asset Requests
  • Unresolved Incidents
  • Incident Followup