Aula - Video Conference System

Video conferencing system set up for internal ATIF communications and further integration with Shedra allowing participation in online classes

Aula - state of art video conferencing system which will become part of ATIF Communication Platform and will be used for e-learning etc is ready for testing. We hope that with this project we can improve communication and international collaboration in ATIF and IDC. 

Built with Open Source Jitsi software

See it in action at

It's intuitive and very easy to use.

It features:

  • Audio calls / video calls
  • Video conferencing with unlimited number of participants
  • Integrated Chat
  • Invite participants to a conference via a simple, custom URL
  • desktop sharing, presentations, and more
  • moderation - guided video conference (good for e-learning)
  • privacy -  access to the conference can be secured with a password
  • security - all communications are encrypted

It works the best on Chrome or Firefox. To make it work in Safari or IE please install

It has clients for all platforms available at