Communication Platform

We have more and more collaboration projects where fast and efficient communication is a must. Emails are good but are so 2000 ;)


  1. Provide ATIF with modern communication tools streamlining internal collaboration on its projects
  2. Increase internal accountability and transparency
  3. Substitution of third-party tools like Skype, Messenger etc
  4. Provide video-conference stack for Educational Platform

Main features:

  • rooms (channels)

    • based on branches, topics, projects etc
    • open or private (invitation only)
  • livechat with emoji etc
    • 1 to 1 chat (private)
    • group chat
  • quality video/audio calls 
  • video conferences
    • many simultaneous participants (up to few hundreds)
    • moderation of the main speaker
    • live streaming (Youtube etc)
  • filesharing
  • screen sharing
  • archiving
  • moderation
  • security
  • CRM integration (live online customer support)
  • chatbot which can automatize many tasks
  • mobile access
  • multilanguage: Italian, Russian, Polish, Mandarin etc
  • and many others...

The platform is built with OpenSource RocketChat