Create / Edit Course

Course Management provides convenient way to program and to run different courses.

Course management allows organizing one time sporadic courses or courses following complex educational programs

Important! Please use "preparation" state during creation of the course and change it to the "registration" only once you are sure that all data including finances are correctly filled up.

Important! If course admission requires payments or donations, payement methods should be defined previously at organization management


  • DISCIPLINE - main subject of the course
  • DIDACTIC MODULE - relates to didactic module if course follows Educational Program
  • TITLE - title of the course
  • SLUG - automatically generated from the title url friendly name
  • SUMMARY - short, one paragraph description of the course
  • DESCRIPTION - more in depth specific description of the course
  • LOCATION - venue where the course will take place
  • IMAGE - image which will appear on the course page
  • POSTER - the course's poster
  • ORGANIZER INSTITUTION - refers to the Institution which runs the Educational Program. If course is not following Educational Program, Organizer is the same as Host
  • HOST - refers to the organization which is executing the course
  • FINACES MANAGED BY - establish if finances should be managed by:
    • Organizer
    • Host
  • STATUS - sets course organizational status:
    1. preparation - at this stage the course page is invisible for users
    2. registration - course data is published and students can enroll for the course
    3. finished - course data is published but enrolment is closed
    4. cancelled -  course data is published with clear canceled message
    5. sold out -  course data is published but enrolment is closed reaching vacancy limit
    6. postponed -  course data is published with clear postponed message
  • OBSERVATIONS - internal observations, not visible for the students
  • INSTRUCTORS - the instructor chosen to lead the course
  • MAIN LANGUAGE - main language in which course will be performed
  • SECOND LANGUAGE - if the course is translated into a language of your choice
  • BEGINS - date & time of the beginning of the course
  • FINISH - date & time of the end of the course
  • SCHEDULE - more detailed time table of the course's sessions
  • MIN. NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS - refers to min number of participant which makes course viable
  • MAX. NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS - refers to max number of participants usually limited by the venue capacity

Important! If your course requires payments or donations, after setting the course data you should setup the course finances