Managing course/event finances

Finance Management allows to reach complete understanding of financial performance of event in real time.

You can access finances from course/event page (see above) or from finances list at /admin/finance/finance/

Each event or course has financial management related to it.


  • OBSERVATIONS - allows communicating the information among all parties organizing the event. Its not visible for the public
  • CURRENCY - default currency for the event
  • PAYMENT METHODS - selecting payment methods is obligatory for events using admission via 'fee', 'donation' or 'ticket'. Payment methods coming from organization indicated at 'finances managed by' at course/event management page
  • EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT - sets percent of the discount related to fee selected by the student
  • EARLYBIRD DEADLINE - sets deadline of earlybird discount

Important! EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT and EARLYBIRD DEADLINE are only editable when course/event in 'preparation' (status).


Indicates current metrics of financial performance with:

  • INCOME - aggregated sum of all related payments, donations, etc
  • EXPENSES - aggregated sum of all related expenses
  • PROFIT - result of outcome of INCOME - EXPENSES

Current / New fees

Important! FEES are only editable when course/event has 'preparation' status set.

  • NAME - name for the fee. If there is only one it can be 'basic' or similar
  • APPLIES TO - particular group can be selected. For 'IDC Members/ and 'Instructors' automatic validation will be applied. Participation to other groups should be verified by course manager one by one
  • PRICE - fee amount
  • TICKETS INITIAL AMOUNT - if 'tickets' are selected as admission method at course/event management initial amount of tickets should be indicated

Current/New expenses

  • AMOUNT of the expense
  • DESTINATION of the expense: Instructor Fee, Venue rental, publicity etc.
  • DESCRIPTION - more detailed description of the expense
  • Has receipt - check if expense has the receipt or invoice
  • DATE in which expense was done