Discovering the Shedra

First time you are entering the system it register and shows automatically all necessary information of your member's status and role in the IDC.

Login/sign up to website

Click on the “Menu” button

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Enter your login information

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Use the same credentials of the IDC website  and then click the “login” button to proceed

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You are now seeing your personal profile’s page.

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Click on the “Manage organization”

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Check if all the information correspond to the institution you are from


At this stage do NOT add any roles or staff members


Check or enter the payment info of your institution (this point is very important since the attendees of the events/courses will be paying according to the info provided here)


If you have many different ways of receiving money, add another option


Payment methods

Organization can define multiple payment methods. Those methods may be used for donations, in order to pay courses, tickets, products or any other services.


  • NAME - name of the payment option
  • PROVIDER - payment provider method
  • CURRENCY - preferred payment currency
  • SETTINGS - payment method settings
  1. cash - basic payment usally done in persona before the event
  2. bank transfer - requires settings following format:
    bank: name_of_the bank
  3. Paypal - requires following settings:

    In order to obtain client_id and secret follow steps to create REST paypal app at


Once you check all the info click on Save and continue editing