Financial Management

Financial managent provides convenient way to track Event/Corse finances. Income, expenses and balance allow to have insight into its performance

Is adviced to regullary input expenses so finantial performance is up to date


  • OBSERVATIONS - here you can comunicate internally (not wisinble publically) anything related withg event finances
  • PAYMENT METHODS - shows available payment methos. Those must be defined first at organization control panel
  • CURRENCY - selects preffered currecy for payments
  • EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT - establish percentage for early bird discount to be aplied on defined fees
  • EARLYBIRD DEADLINE - sets deadline before which discount is aplied
  • INCOME - shows income proceading from payments
  • EXPENSES - shows sum al all related expenses
  • PROFIT - shows difrence between profit and expenses


  • Ticekts/Fees - here you can define various tickest/fees
    • NAME of the fee or ticket
    • APPLIES TO - defines particular group to which fee aplies: IDC members, instructors, etc. Leave empty if fee/ticet plies to everybody. If IDC Members are selected automatic user validation will be performed
    • PRICE - defines price of the fee/ticket
    • TICKET INITIAL AMAOUNT - in case of ticket introduce initial available amount of tickets to be sold
    • TICKETS SOLD - shows amount of tickets soled up to the moment
  • Expenses
    • AMOUNT - sets price of the expence
    • DESTINATION - selects category under which expence will be filled
    • DESCRIPTION - allows filling more detailed information about the expance
    • HAS RECEIPT - checked if expence has recipt/invoice
    • DATE - sets date in which expence was done