Managing Enrollment

Shedra makes automatically user friendly the enrollment process and as simple as possible for students and organizers.

Enrollement is the process has few steps. First of all user must be registered as student at the website.

Student enrollement is automatic for free courses / events (free, donations) without particular certificates. 

In order to access payed courses / events (fees) student should register at first and then complete payment.

If filed "PAYMENTS" is empty it means that student gave up the enrollement at the payment step.


To view course / event registrations on course admin page, click "Registrations" button (see image above)

Important! If student is registered for the course it does not meant that he is enrolled.

On registration list you can see: who is registered? when?, status of his payment and id registration "IS COMPLETED" (student is enrolled)

To complete registration payment must be completed.

On each registration email notification is sent automatically to Course Coordinator.

Registration list is particularly valuable to find students who for some reason can not complete the process of enrollement.

Atendees (Participants)

Studens who completed enrolement become atendees (course participants) and receive automatic notification welcoming them to the course.

To view course / event registrations on course admin page click "Participants" button (see above)

You can see all successfully enrolled students to given course with their: name / surname, email and status.

Enrollment is not registered a student (work exchange)

This option should be used ONLY in situations if organizers, for some particular reason, decide to enroll somebody to the course for free. For example: student enjoys free access to the course in exchange for the work etc.