Organization Management

Organization management lays in the core of all main systems.

It defines basic organization information like name, affiliation (if it is department), type of organizational unit, venue, contact info etc.


  • ACTIVE - is checked if organization is active
  • BELONGS TO - relates to the parent organization if exist
  • ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT - describes type of organization as: Main Organization, Ling, Gar, branch, school
  • NAME - informal English organizational name
  • LOCAL NAME - local informal name in its native language
  • LEGAL NAME - official legal name as its stands in status or other legal documents
  • FISCAL ID - organizational fiscal identity number
  • LEGACY ID - for archival reference reasons id can be assigned following other convention
  • LOGO - image with organizational logo
  • PAGE - reference to dedicated page within website
  • DESCRIPTION ENGLISH - short description of the organization in English. Its mission, scope etc
  • DESCRIPTION LOCAL - short description of the organization in local language. Its mission, scope etc
  • VENUE - reference to the seat of the organization
  • LANGUAGE - main legal language of organization
  • TEL - telephone number
  • WEB URL - link to the organization's external website
  • SHOP URL - link to the organization's external webshop
  • FACEBOOK URL - link to the organization's facebook page

Staff and Roles

Here should be defined roles for the staff members. Each staff member should have a role assigned and date of beginning. Roles determinate scope of access to functionality (via permissions) for all related systems.



  • NAME - name of the role ex. "Blue Gakyil"
  • GROUP - main group roles:
  1. Organization Managers - they have broadest capacity. To this group should only belong Organization Managers. This group has brodest capacity including nominating and 'discontinuing' other staff members.
  2. Educational Program Managers - they have particular access to manage educational programs. Should only used if organization caries Educational Programs. Members of this group can create and edit educational programs, educational modules, asign instructors, issue certificates
  3. Course Coordinators - organization can assign role of Course Coordinatior to any person willing to do this job. Course Courdinators have capacity to organize course hosted by organization. They can create/ edit course, finances, follow registration, confirm course payments.


Assigns staff members roles.


  • USER - relates to the user we assign the role
  • ROLE - related to the roles defined by organization
  • BEGINS AT - declares date of the beginning of the assignment
  • FINISHED AT - declares date of the end of the assignment

Important! Please first declare roles and "Save and continuer editing". Than you can assign staff to mentioned roles

Payment methods

Organization can define multiple payment methods. Those methods may be used for donations, in order to pay courses, tickets, products or any other services.


  • NAME - name of the payment option
  • PROVIDER - payment provider method
  • CURRENCY - preferred payment currency
  • SETTINGS - payment method settings
  1. cash - basic payment usally done in persona before the event
  2. bank transfer - requires settings following format:
    bank: name_of_the bank
  3. Paypal - requires following settings:

    In order to obtain client_id and secret follow steps to create REST paypal app at
  • DESTINATION - preferred destination allows to define specific methods for particular purpose:
    1. payment
    2. donation
    3. payment & donation