Shang Shung Institute - Argentina

The Argentinian branch of the Shang Shung Institute is still in the process of being established as such and is the evolution of Tashi Pedeb Project that has been operating for more than 12 years.

With main headquarters in Mar del Plata and Tandil cities, in Buenos Aires province, is closely related to Tashigar South, the Dzogchen Community's Gar in Argentina, where was born in 2005 aimed to provide a structure for publishing and distributing Shang Shung Edizioni books in Spanish language.

As of May 2017 more than 22.000 books (89 different titles has been published, currently 74 in catalogue) were delivered through Tashi Pedeb to different places in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, México, Perú,  Russia, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela. Along these years has also been engaged in the development of different sofware tools for the International Dzogchen Community.

Currently, the main activity of the Shang Shung Institute Argentina is the publication and distribution of SSE publications in Spanish for Central, South America and Mexico. 

Please visit our catalog online.

Daniel Simonelli, coordinator of the Shang Shung Institute Argentina