History of SSI Argentina



Tashi Pedeb, the antecedent of SSI Argentina was born in May 2005 after consulting the Tashigar Sur gakyil to Chögyal Namkhai Norbu about the best way to organize the incipient publication in Spanish of the texts edited by Shang Shung Editions.

In May 2008, Tashi Pedeb Project began operating under the tutelage of the Shang Shung Institute and since 2010, Tashi Pedeb has self-financed generating 89 titles in Spanish, currently 74 in catalog, distributing more than 22,000 books in 10 countries.

Throughout this time, different software tools related to the Tibetan culture were developed within the framework of this project: Namkha Calculation, Tibetan Calendar, ASCII/Unicode and Wylie/Drajyor converters.

In 2017, Tashi Pedeb became the Argentine branch of the Shang Shung Foundation, whose main mission is to distribute Shang Shung publications in Spanish language within the american continent, from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego.