Shang Shung Institute - Australia

Shang Shung Institute Australia was founded in 2012 at Namgyalgar, the centre for the Dzogchen International Community in Oceania at the Glasshouse Mountains in South East Queensland. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu was present to inaugurate the Institute with the aim of preserving and promoting Tibetan culture in Australia. The Institute is a branch of the international Shang Shung Foundation.

We now have a regular series of Tibetan Art classes, open to the general public and instructed by Damien Pascoe at Namgyalgar. Our talented Khaita teachers, Topgyal and Tsering, have held courses and workshops at Namgyalgar, but also in the wider community, at festivals and events around the country.

Our Vice President and Yantra Yoga teacher, Mathew Young, has been spearheading the development of Open Courses to the public of both Yantra and Vajra Dance. Mathew recently conducted a workshop in Canberra and is planning a program of Open Courses for 2018 in collaboration with all of our teachers, which will bring a public face to the Institute.

There are plans to host a Kum Ye course next year as part of our Tibetan Medicine Department as well as welcoming the visit of Oliver Leick.