Khaita SSI Australia

In Australia, we have Topgyal Gontse and Tsering Dolker teaching and leading Khaita. Since they arrived here two years ago they have worked very hard to inspire us to learn and practice the dances as well as giving many performances and workshops in the wider community.

We are learning that Khaita is now part of our practice in the Dzogchen Community as well as an opportunity to dance together and have fun. “When you dance, you observe yourself,” says Topgyal. “You notice when your mind starts judging. It brings awareness and relaxation. Therefore, through dancing Khaita, you learn tolerance and patience.”

Tsering Dolker learned her first Tibetan songs from her grandmother who was a famous singer in Tibet. This ignited a passion which permeates every area of her life. Topgyal Gontse received both Tibetan and western education at the Tibetan Children's Village School at Dharamsala. After obtaining a bachelor degree in commerce, he worked for three years in a Tibetan Higher Secondary School in Kathmandu.

 As well as Khaita Instructor Diplomas from the Shang Shung Foundation, they also have been awarded diplomas by the CID (International Dance Council, affiliated with UNESCO).  Prof. Namkhai Norbu has appointed them as the main Khaita instructors for the Oceania region, and as such they are head of the Shang Shung Institute Australia department for Tibetan Performing Arts.