Shung Shung Spain Publications

The Board of Foundation has decided to create a section of Shang Shung Publications dedicated to Spanish language editions of  publications catalogue.

The coordinator of this newly created Spanish SSP will be Alessandra Policreti, who has been for many years the Italian translator of Rinpoche’s teachings in Italy. Alessandra moved to Tenerife a couple of years ago where she has efficiently been managing the Dzamling Gar bookshop.

Alessandra will be in charge of organizing and supervising the translation and editing processes, in collaboration with several other people, of the entire Spanish language SSP books production.

SSP books printing will be managed by SSP in Italy, as well as their sales, which will take place through the SSP webshop http://shop.<wbr/>


On the territory of the gar we organized the bookshop where you can  purchase various books in Spanish, English and Russian languages. As well Alessandra is managing Dzamling Gar bookshop located in Jyajyb.

Open Monday-Friday 10.30-3.20