Tibetan Language

Tibetan Language educational course with Fabian Sanders started this fall and will last more then half year. This lecture introduces the traditional tools for learning classical Tibetan and it’s value today, especially for those involved in the study and practice of Tibetan Dharma. The series of ‘weekend beginners courses’ enable each individual to place their study and practice experiences of the Dharma within an authentic framework. First language course with Fabian happened in Dzamlingar on May 2017.

The Drajyor transliteration system was created by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to enable the practitioners to pronounce correctly the invocations of the practices and the most recurrent words of the teaching.
The word drajyor, or writing of the sounds, refers to the writing of the different syllables which compose words so that we can pronounce them correctly. You can learn in detail this system for transcribing the Tibetan letters to be able to read and pronounce precisely. The final Phonetical Index resumes the right pronounciation of every Tibetan syllable.

Drajyor (Tibetan Phonetics for the Dzogchen Community) Book by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu