Tibetan Medicine Events

The 2nd Annual Tibetan Medicine Conference in Tenerife March 16 – 17, 2015 at the Universidad de La Laguna

Tenerife Tibetan Medicine Conference and workshop took place in La Laguna Medical University. The honourable Dr Phuntsog Wangmo gave the opening talk on the subject. Thanks to Dr Yangdron Kalzang we discovered a fundamental root of health and all internal digestion disease. Dr Namgyal Qusar, in his clear manere, helped us understand the ways to keep our digestion heat strong and balanced. The scholar, researcher and doctor Dr Roberti di Sarsina highlighted the principle of people center medical care. Dr. Duran gave an inspirational talk about Integrative Medicine, the best of all fields working together.

Prof. Namkhai Norbu, Dr. Phuntsog, Dr. Juan Carlos Duran

Dr. Namgyal Qusar, Dr. Phuntsog,  Dr. Juan Carlos Duran

In Dzamling Gar we organized The Hospice Training, looking into support of the dying process from the point of view of Tibetan Buddhism.

Ku-nye is a system of massage and gentle external therapies taught in the ancient lineage of traditional Tibetan Medicine. Kunye Massage includes techniques such as applying herbal-infused oils to the body, manual tissue manipulation, deep tissue work, identifying & acting on specific points, mobilizing the joints, and warming the body.   Kunye also includes external therapies such as hot and cold compresses, herbal poultices, and application of heated oils.

The therapeutic treatments of Kunye can be applied to the entire body, utilizing proper draping and positioning of the client.  Kunye is performed on a raised massage table, or seated on a massage chair, depending on the comfort and condition of the client.

Kunye Therapy has been employed by Tibetan physicians and yogins for many centuries.  It is one of the most ancient systems of massage in the world, and an important component of traditional Tibetan Medicine.

Ku-nye is a system of massage and external therapies taught in the ancient lineage of traditional Tibetan Medicine