Breathe As You Are

By Fabio Andrico

Harmonious Breathing is a simple and effective method that teaches us how to rediscover fluid, complete respiration and integrate it in our lives. It is the key to a positive, relaxed state of mind, sound sleep, good digestion, stabilized blood pressure, balanced blood pH, and just about every other hallmark of excellent health.
Breathe As You Are is a comprehensive, full-color guide to Harmonious Breathing, with easy-to-follow exercises for anyone. Developed by seasoned yoga teacher and breath expert Fabio Andrico, Harmonious Breathing is taught internationally 
and online at

“During  our  round-the-world  flight  with  Solar  Impulse,  on  one  of  our  extended stopovers the energy in the team was slipping into a negative mode. I called Patrizia, one  of  the  Harmonious  Breathing  instructors,  and  thanks  to  a  few  breathing sessions, we found the impulse we needed to recenter and were able to continue our adventure.”
Anne-Christine Perren – Solar Impulse, Executive Assistant to the CEO

“It was an honor for me to participate in the project of making the Breathe video with Fabio Andrico. I truly believe that these breathing exercises can bring positive changes  in  everyone’s  life  and  that  Harmonious Breathing  can  help  us  face challenges in a calmer, more peaceful way. It’s a simple practice that anyone can do, with immediate results. Thank you for making this possible and accessible to all.”

Yamila Diaz-Rahi – supermodel, mother, and actress