Daniel Simonelli

Daniel Simonelli – Spanish Shang Shung Publications

I've been in charge of Tashi Pedeb, the branch of Shang Shung Publications in Spanish language since 2005, as well as being the coordinator of IPC for Spanish publications since 2009. My work consists of translating books from Italian or English into Spanish, editing, image processing and layouts performing and  also look after the distribution of the books and multimedia products to all Spanish speaking countries.

I have a degree in Computer Sciences and two scholarships allowed me to attend to specialized postgraduate formation in Spain (UAB and UAM universities), in the field of microelectronics and logic programmable devices i.e. custom computers design.

Before taking on the responsibility for Tashi Pedeb, I worked as a researcher and teacher in Argentinean Universities (UNICEN and FASTA) in the field of Hardware Design for more than 10 years. Right now I'm fully dedicated to my work for the Institute. I live in Tandil city, close to Mar del Plata, in Argentina, where I enjoy a beautiful life. 

To contact me write to: d.simonelli@shangshunginstitute.org