Igor Legati

Igor Legati – Senior Editor and International Publications Committee Coordinator

After a degree in Biologic Sciences in Turin in 1967 and teaching Natural Sciences to high school students for a few years, I started my career as a translator from English and French, working for some of the major Italian publishers like Einaudi, Mondadori and Ottava.  I joined SSI in 1997 as a writer and coordinator of the entire publication production life cycle. My main activities today within the Shang Shung Institute pertain the work of Shang Shung Publications, where I collaborate choosing the texts to be published and preparing them, together with the team of translators, writers, proofreaders and other editors. As Coordinator of IPC (International Publications Committee) I follow the translation of our products in other languages to guarantee the wide and faithful to original diffusion of the knowledge of Dzogchen. To this aim I also look after publishing rights and agreements. I'm very much interested in the Dzogchen teachings and in the Tibetan culture that guaranteed the original transmission of this precious knowledge. My personal concern is to reproduce the words of the Masters in the best and understandable way in Western languages and I believe the Shang Shung Institute to be the ideal vehicle for achieving this aim. Everything and everybody in SSI are entirely devoted to pursue it. I'm living in Arcidosso, Tuscany, where I moved in 1993 in order to collaborate with Shang Shung Edizioni. I'm very happy of the way the Shang Shung Institute and the Shang Shung Publications are currently developing.

To contact me write to:i.legati@shangshunginstitute.org