Kamil Selwa

Kamil Selwa – IT Specialist and Multimedia Producer – Italy 

Hi! I'm Kamil Selwa! I was born in Poland and spent the last 18 years in Spain, on the Canary Islands. In the past I have worked as graphic designer, software programmer and IT consultant. I have a broad experience in multimedia and print processes. Currently I live in Tuscany and take care of the Information Technology Systems within the Shang Shung Institute. My primary mission is to guarantee that SSI has an adequate and functional infrastructure to accomplish its goals: this includes hardware management, service management, in-house software development and much more. I’m also responsible for managing multimedia productions for Shang Shung Publications. I find perverted pleasure in fiddling with servers, databases and all kinds of cybernetic things.

I’m a pythonist and Open Source contributor. You can find my work on https://github.com/k1000. I love music. I play bass.

To contact me write to: k.selwa@shangshunginstitute.org