Paolo Fassoli

Paolo Fassoli – Graphic Designer and Photographer

After the studies of Graphic Design at the IED – European Design Institute in Milan, I have been working since 1993 as graphic designer and art director for some communication agencies.
I have been a graphic designer and photographer for Shang Shung Publications since 1997, diving into many projects and activities, like the design of covers for many of the publications (notably the Tun Book, The Tibetan Yoga of Movement v1 and v2 dvd, The Mirror, together with many others) and graphics for the branding and events (posters, fliers, etc). 
One work I loved to do is the complete design of the celebratory book about the Gonpa (The Temple of Great Contemplation) in Merigar in 2014. In the last two years I worked on the brand design for Shang Shung Foundation and Shang Shung Publications, restyling the logos and creating the manual for the use of the brand image called Logo and Brand Image Visual Identity Guidelines.
Recently I also have been working on the project of communication for the Khaita Dances activities, producing the flyers and posters, social media materials, etc. In these days I am working on the cover of the DVD Prenatal Yantra Yoga for Shang Shung Publications.
An effective visual communication is really fundamental in the modern world so I always try to produce a fresh and clear image in order to inform the people properly about the activities of the Shang Shung Foundation, in the spirit of service to the cause of helping the value and richness of the Tibetan culture becoming known. By trying always to be a simple person with a simple lifestyle I love to travel and observe the beauty of the world through the lens of my camera. 

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