Margherita Pansa - Library and Tibetan Language

Margherita Pansa - Zikhang Library and Tibetan Language


I was born in Rome where in 2007 I graduated in Oriental Languages and Civilizations, with a thesis on Tibetology which obtained the highest grade. I have participated to several Trainings for Translators from Tibetan organized by the Shang Shung Austria in Merigar and this is how I got here and started to follow Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s teachings. In 2012 I completed my PhD at the Universty Ca’ Foscari in Venice, with a thesis on Chod in the nyingma  school of Tibetan Buddhism, which included a translation and critical editing of a terma discovered by Sangye Lingpa. Part of the outcome of this work has been presented in 2013 at the XIII International Conference of the International Association for Tibetan Studies (IATS) in Ulan Bator, Mongolia and in 2017 at the founding conference of the Italian Association of Tibetan, Himalayan and Mongolian Studies (AISTHiM). Some results have also been published in the Revue des Etudes Tibetaines (RET) and in Sharro, Festschrift in honor of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Since 2012 I work for the Shang Shung Institute mainly reorganizing and cataloguing the Tibetan section of the Zikhang Library in Merigar, offering bibliographic assistance to researchers and readers online and onsite and guided tours of the library. I work on the preparation of articles and publications in the field of Tibetology, also collaborating with the editing department of Shang Shung Publications. Further I’m collaborating to the creation, organization and coordination of the School of Tibetan Language and Translation’ courses.