Mirella D'Angelo - Archive

Mirella D’Angelo – Multimedia Archive

I am a film editor by profession. At the very beginning of my career I was one of the founders of City Studio, a small film production and editing company. Later, for a long time, I worked for an important advertising production company, Filmmaster, taking part in prize-winning international campaigns.

After a break due to the birth of my son Pietro, I went back to work freelance, contributing to the production of feature films, documentaries, and promotional films.

I am currently responsible for the Multimedia Archive of the ATIF and have been collaborating with this department for more than three years. The archive contains an amazing collection of stories, first and foremost those tracking the development of the International Dzogchen Community from its beginnings in the early 1970s to the continuous expansion of Gars and Lings all around the world.

I have belonged to the Community since 2001 and have participated in its activities as video editor, Gakyil member, project manager, and team leader for retreats and promotional events. I joyfully continue to practice karma yoga whenever I can.

As video editor, my job has always been to relate stories and narratives by drawing on recorded material. Today, the main focus of my work for the archives is to gather and rearrange a vast and complex inventory of physical and digital material in order to make it understandable and usable. I interface with other departments in the Foundation and also work with top professionals from the field. Attending theoretical classes at the Archivio di Stato in Florence has been an enriching experience and a great way to expand my knowledge.