The course will focus on improving the precision and fluidity of steps and movements through a better understanding of the rhythms. We will also work on coordination between dancers. 
During the course, we will study five low and medium complexity dances, in a circle or in a different composition.

The programme covers Module 1, as well as dances with different combinations of steps and movements, in a circle or in a different composition.
This workshop is advised for those who are going to participate in the advanced Khaita course and instructors training with Salima and Adriana that will take place 1-8 May in Kunsangar North.

During the course, we will study the following five dances, in a circle or in a different composition. They are included in the Fifty Dances, but the tutorials for them are not available yet:
M 1.6.07 (M.f.T. 8.05) Lhan-dzom - Lu-mo Tsho
M 2.2.10 Zed-la Dro - Rinchen Dorje
M 2.5.06 Kha-par Thon-thal - Lha-kyid
M 3.3.06 Yar-dro Yar-dro - Jam-pa Ye-she & Kar-ma
M 3.6.02 Jig-ten Ta-shi - Group

You will learn

  • Detailed movements and steps
  • Harmony and coordination of the body
  • Meaning of the song titles and lyrics (hints on Tibetan culture)
  • Detailed choreography and meaning of the mudras
  • Coordination between male and female parts


Vita Adamenko

Vita was born in Kharkov, the Ukraine. She graduated from the Kharkov University. In 1994, she moved to Moscow.
In 1986, Vita met Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in a big retreat near Moscow.
She participated in Khaita sessions from the very beginning. In 2016, she passed the first Khaita certification. Since 2017, she has led regular Khaita sessions and participated in different courses and performances. Read More

Vladimir Belyaev

Born in Moscow, graduated from the Bauman Moscow University.
Since 2008, he has been actively acquainted with the psychology and culture of the East, studied and practiced various dynamic practices and methods of meditation of the Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and other traditions. Since 2011, he is a student of Tibetan Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.
Since 2012, he has been one of the representatives of the Russian Branch of the Shang Shung International Institute for Tibetan Studies and coordinator of the Tibetan Medicine School in Russia.
Since 2013, he has been actively studying and practicing Khaita joyful dances. Participated in performances and dance competitions in Russia and abroad. In 2016, he passed supervision and instructor training on Khaita under the guidance of Professor Namkhai Norbu and an in-depth course under the guidance of the expert committee of Khaita.
He is leading regular classes, workshops and seminars on Khaita joyful dances in Russia. Read More

Tamara Kozhukharova

Tamara is a member of Rinchenling in Moscow since 2009.
She lives in Moscow, Russia. Tamara holds a degree in Management, specializing in innovations. In 2008, she visited a big retreat where she met Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Tamara went in for dancing from the very first programme "Merigar under the Stars" in 2012. Then she learned and practiced dances one by one from the beginning of Khaita Joyful Dances in 2013-2015. She participated in and prepared a number of official performances.
In 2016, Tamara passed the first Khaita certification led by the Master. Since 2015, she has led Khaita sessions and small courses in Rinchenling.
Tamara is a member of CID UNESCO since 2016. Read More


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