A course on Reading and Pronouncing Tibetan with Fabian Sanders.


This course introduces you to all you need to know to correctly read and pronounce the Standard Tibetan Language, starting from the thirty letters up to the full syllable.
It is highly recommended to everybody who wants to follow also next courses! The classes will be recorded and made accessible to download for participants.
We will give you a general idea of how Tibetan pronunciation works, and then you will have the opportunity to go step by step watching again the class.

This is Module I in our Tibetan Language curriculum and is the base for continuing your studies.

The first module encompasses: 

  • Introduction to Tibetan Language 
  • Learning how to read and write the thirty letters and four vowel signs of the tibetan alphabet.
  • Syllable formation (prescribed, superscribed, subscribed, final and post-final letters)
  • Correct pronunciation and spelling exercises.

More information and registration: https://goo.gl/forms/FqiEqTkGoi8SpDgj1

For more information write to: mailto:blue@dzogchen.cz

Classes will be recorded and made accessible to download for participants.

Venue: Prague, Opletalova 35, and Online Zoom (with possible transaltion to czech language)



Fabian Sanders

Fabian Sanders has studied Asian languages, traditions and cultures extensively. In recent years he has concentrated on teaching classical Tibetan Language at university level and for the Shang Shung Foundation. He has been a student of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu for more than twenty years. He is author of the volume "La Lingua Tibetana Classica" (Hoepli), the first classical Tibetan grammarbook in Italian. Read More



May 17th: 6 – 8 PM (GMT+2, CET) General introduction, explanation and study

May 18th-19th - 10-12 AM and 2-4 PM