Course of Vajra Dance that Benefit Beings in Barcelona.

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The curiculum includes:

  • Explanation of the origin of the Dance.
  • Explanation of the peculiar characteristics of the Dance.
  • Explanation of the meaning of the Mandala, symbolism, colors and elements.
  • Explanation of the principle of the masculine and feminine, and importance of their harmony. 
  • Learning the basic movements and steps (principle of natural movement and relaxed movement of the foot and hand "together"; simplified distinction between "open" and "closed".
  • Learning the conventional terminology of basic movements.
  • Learning the basic rhythm (association of each movement with its syllable).
  • Learning the meaning of the main mudras.


Sachiko Fullita

I was born in Lima, Perú.
I studied Performing Arts and later also Expressive Art Therapy. I’m working as a dancer and dance teacher. From 2006 I live in Barcelona.
I’m practising Vajra dance since 2007, from that time I have always felt a very strong connection with this marvelous practice. Read More


Friday, 31st May:
19h - 21h

Saturday, 1st June: 
10:30h – 13:30h  & 15:00h a 17:30h

Sunday, 2nd June: 
10:30h – 13:30h  & 15:00h a 17:00h