This class is open to new and experienced meditators. Dzogchen students will recognize it as Base practices from The Precious Vase, Chapter 4, sections 5 and 6.5.

Most types of meditation involve awareness of mind and thoughts, yet there are also methods to relate with one’s heart. This workshop will focus on these “Bodhisattva” practices of getting in touch with our nature of compassion.

The day will include instructions, guided meditations, and discussions about our experience. We’ll sample trainings for developing immeasurable equanimity and loving kindness, as well as explore Tonlen, the practice of breathing in others’ pain and sending out our sense of wellbeing.

The instructor, Lynn Newdome, has been practicing Tibetan Buddhist traditions for over 45 years. She’s a trained meditation instructor in Shamatha/Vipashyana (Mindfulness/Awareness), and studied the Tonlen technique under Pema Chödrön. As a Santi Maha Sangha instructor, Lynn is authorized to teach views and meditations of Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana schools.

Fee: $50/day or $30/session

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Date: Saturday, June 8, 2019
Location: Tsegyalgar East Gönpa, 18 Schoolhouse Road, Conway, MA - in person or via Zoom videoconference* 
Schedule: 10:00am-12:30pm; 2:00pm-4:30pm