How to make a mandala of the elements with the traditional pigment technique and course on astrological calculation.

Come join us for a very interesting course this summer as we learn from expert Migmar Tsering the painting practices related to Tibetan astrological calculation. 

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Tibetan Astrology of the Elementscalled Jung Tsi ('Byung rTsis), is a term that generally covers a variety of techniques. It is based upon the relationships of the five elements, twelve animal signs, nine magic Mewa square numbers and the eight Parkha trigrams. Each year has its own element and animal sign, and also each month, day and hour has its own element.

Elemental astrology is used to construct a birth horoscope, marriage compatibility, yearly predictions, medical calculations, death horoscopes for funeral arrangements etc. In the calculation of elemental horoscope an astrologer examines five aspects of life: Srog (pron. Sog) - Life force element; Lus (pron. Lü) - Health or Body element; Wangthang - Capacity element (Financial situation); rLungtha (pron. Lungtha) - Fortune element (Success) and bLa (pron. La) - Protective element.




Dates: 16-20 August 

Hours: Friday 15-17,30

Saturday-Tuesday 10-12:30 and 15-17:30

Instructor: Migmar Tsering ​​​​​

Contribution: 200 euro  with member discounts