You are most welcome to come and learn the steps of the Vajra Dance, from Sambharata till A.

The direction of our footsteps are the base, for all of our dance, to relax our body voice and mind.

We'll sing together and will enjoy the rhythm, which will allow us to experience relaxation, a simple stability, and yes, time to relax.

Bring your swimming clothes to swim in a small gorge...

The 26th of August we'll start at 9h30 and revisit and harmonize together the 1st part of the Dance.

The 1st of September we'll finish in the afternoon.

The 2nd of September starts a 3 days "engaged" Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra. It is a great occasion to stabilize and integrate all you came to learn.



Stoffelina Verdonk

I am born in Amsterdam, and have been dancing since young age. Intrigued by what makes people move, and what happens, what manifests when people dance together, I graduated as teacher and performer of modern dance and worked for different cultural associations.

Questioning how to go beyond endless and infinite creation of concepts, searching for true knowledge of body, voice and mind, I met Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 1986, and discovered Dzogchen with him. Fortunate me and many, we learned and practiced with him also the Vajra Dance since1990. In 1993 he authorised me teaching these dances. Since then I have been teaching, presenting and collaborating for the Dance of the Vajra in many different places within and outside the International Dzogchen Community.

The practice of Vajra Dance has been very useful to relax and develop presence, also in all my work with movement, any movement, dance, with people of different ages and capacities. Experiencing how to relax in our body, voice and mind, with all our limitations and capacities. Experiencing the joy of moving together, in good circumstances, but also in more complex, or difficult moments in our life: all that brings us to discover our true nature.

In 2015 I was authorised by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to teach Santi Maha Sangha, and started giving introduction to meditation and guiding meditation retreats within the Dzogchen Community. Read More