Yantra Yoga is one of the oldest systems of yoga from Tibet – a land of vast knowledge with a profound tradition of the teachings of Buddha. It consists of a unique series of positions and movements combined with conscious breathing that together coordinate and harmonize individual energy so that the mind can relax and find true balance.

The Public

Open to everybody except the Modules reserved to the practitioners of the IDC who have received the specific transmission from ChNN.


You will learn the basics of Yantra Yoga that will enable you to gradually practice Yantra in a precise way.

These bases are fundamental to any further progress in the practice. We will cover some background on Yantra Yoga

You will learn

  • The Nine Breathings - Exhaling the Stale Air
  • The Prelimanaries of Yantra Yoga
    • The Tsigjong - Loosening the Joints
    • The Lungsang - Purifying the Prana
    • The Tsadul - Controlling the channels
  • the First and Second Series of Yantras and their respective Pranayama
  • the Concluding Session.


Main Teachers


Fabio Andrico

Yantra Yoga Teacher


Laura Evangelisti

Yantra Yoga Teacher