As explained by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Yantra Yoga is “a practice that helps coordinate body, energy, and mind while making us more balanced and free from tension."

This series of courses are given by our authorized instructors of II and III Level of Yantra Yoga. 

The Public

For the practitioners of the IDC who have received the specific transmission from ChNN and are authorized to study the following program.


You will deepen the basics of Yantra Yoga learnt in the Basic course, that will enable you to gradually practice Yantra in a precise way.

These bases are fundamental to any further progress in the practice.

You will learn

  • the follow up and development of the practices learned during the Basic Course (The Preliminaries of Yantra Yoga),
  • the Fundamental Series of Pranayamas and Yantras,
  • the Concluding Session.


Main Teachers


Fabio Andrico

Yantra Yoga Teacher


Laura Evangelisti

Yantra Yoga Teacher