Yantra Yoga can benefit anyone who has the desire to apply its principles. It is not only for expert practitioners of yoga, but for anyone—young or old, thin or not, flexible or not so flexible.

The Public

Open to all.


Yantra Yoga uses harmonious movements related to different aspects of breathing that help us become more aware of our body and control our breathing, one of the main means of coordinating vital energy (prana).

Because our physical and mental well-being depends on the condition of our energy, it is fundamental for our energy to be balanced. In this way we can have a good physical condition and a calm, present, and relaxed mental state, the basis for deeper knowledge of ourselves.


You will learn

Learning to coordinate the movements with the specific rhythm of the inhalations, exhalations, and retentions will bring you a wonderful and fruitful practice of Yantra Yoga, even if you need to adapt the positions to your capacity.

Regular practice will make a tangible difference in the day-to-day functioning of your body, and you will experience significant improvements in your health, energy, and ability to find a more relaxed and happy existence and overall quality of life.



  • Kumar Kumari Yantra Yoga for children

    Yantra Yoga for Boys & Girls

    Kumar Kumari is a method of Yantra Yoga designed specifically for children between 5 and 12 years of age. It was conceived by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, who also wrote a book describing each of the movements in detail, taking into account the unique characteristics of children’s physical size, energy, and breathing. 

  • Prenatal Yantra Yoga

    Prenatal Yantra Yoga has evolved out of a centuries-old yoga practice from Tibet that was first introduced to the West nearly fifty years ago by Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. 

    Specially adapted to the needs and condition of women during pregnancy, it is gentle, easy to apply, and highly beneficial for both mother and child. 

    This beautiful and relaxing method is intended for expecting mothers who are already familiar with the basics of Yantra Yoga.

  • The Eight Tibetan Movements Program (Open to the General Public)

    The Program of the Eight Tibetan Movements that Purify the Prana includes:

    • introduction principles of Yantra Yoga, 
    • explanation and practice of 9 breathing,
    • complete breathing according to Yantra Yoga,
    • correct position, movements and breathing coordination,
    • rhythmic breathing, theory and practice,
    • warm-up exercises targeted for specific movement,
    • in depth practice of 8 movements,
    • relaxation of body, energy and mind.
  • Yoga Holidays

    The curriculum of this program will be soon provided.

  • Yantra Yoga Light (for people with physical constraints)

    The curriculum of this program will be soon provided.

  • Yantra Yoga and Tibetan Medicine

    The curriculum of this program will be soon provided.

  • Yantra Yoga and Kunye

    The curriculum of this program will be soon provided.

  • Yantra Yoga and Meditation

    The curriculum of this program will be soon provided.

Main Teachers


Fabio Andrico

Yantra Yoga Teacher


Laura Evangelisti

Yantra Yoga Teacher