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Deepening course on Yantra Yoga First Level

Reserved for those who received the transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Khaita, New Joyful Dances

Khaita, or Harmony in Space, allows us to experience a joyous way of dancing together that promotes presence and coordination, relaxes the mind, and enhances mental and physical well-being in general. 

Tsegyalgar East 2nd Annual Dance, Dance Dance at Khandroling - Celebrating 30 Years of Vajra Dance 1989 - 2019

Please join us this August, and celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Rinpoche's first dreams of the Vajra Dance at Khandroling 

Painting Course on the Mandala of the elements and the Basic Astrological calculation

How to make a mandala of the elements with the traditional pigment technique and course on astrological calculation.

Yoga Holidays

Vacanze yoga per aduti e bambini con Laura Evangelisti e Tiziana Gottardi (Yantra Yoga), Gino Vitiello (Meditazione) e Fabiana Esca (Yantra Yoga per i bambini)

Deepening course of the Dance of the Song of the Vajra

You are most welcome to come and deepen your relaxation by moving body voice and mind in each sacred syllable and get more familiar with contemplation in this practice of the Vajra Dance.

It is therefore necessary you know well the steps of this dance, either Pamo or Pawo part.

Second part of the Dance of the Song of the Vajra

You are most welcome to come and learn the steps of the Vajra Dance, from Sambharata till A.

The direction of our footsteps are the base, for all of our dance, to relax our body voice and mind.

The Dance of the Song of the Vajra (part II)

The Dance of the Song of the Vajra (BASIC, LEVEL 1), part II, with Cindy Faulkner.

For practitioners who have received the transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

[email protected]

Course on Sa-che

Beginners course on Tibetan geomancy.

Vajra Dance Beginners and Refreshers Course

You are warmly invited to a beginners and refreshers course of The Vajra Dance That Benefits Beings with instructor Stoffelina Verdonk!

In this course we will give specific attention to the importance of the sound in this practice.

Dzamlingar Song

In this seminar you can learn how to sing, how to dance the Dzanmlinga Song, and you will also leran the meaning of the words.

Explanation on the Song and Dance of Dzamling Gar

Spiegazione della Canzone e Danza di Dzamling Gar

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