Song Collections

Song Collections

Since 2011 Chögyal Namkhai Norbu has spent countless hours selecting Tibetan songs, transcribing them with a special system called drayig and translating for his students from around the world, so they could read, sing and understand their profound and touching meaning.

Rinpoche follows three principles when choosing a song:
- the meaning of the words, which should be profound and interesting (in the preface of the book ‘Message from Tibet’ he explains the main
topics of the lyrics);
- the melody;
- the singer, his/her dedication, origin, how he/she presents himself/herself and represents the song. 

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu created several collections of songs, counting almost 300 of them. First a collection of 108 songs was translated and published in the book called “Message from Tibet”. In October 2017 the SSP also published a separate book that is called “Commentary on the Message from Tibet”, collecting all Master's oral commentaries and clarifications of the meaning of the lyrics.


The most recent collection is called Mekhor, and it is based on the principles of Tibetan Astrology. Mekhor consists of 3 Metrengs, and each Metreng has 60 songs, making a total of 180 songs. Many of them are translated in English, and most of them (more than 160) have become dances.

Here you can find all the songs of the Mekhor collection, with their words in Tibetan, Drayig transcription and original YouTube videos.