What is a good way to learn and study the Dance of the Vajra?

Do I have to be talented for dancing, if I wish to learn the Vajra Dance?

Is the Vajra Dance physically demanding?

What are qualified / authorized teachers?

Which kind of Vajra Dance courses exist?

How can I find information on where and when I can attend a Vajra Dance course?

Which Vajra Dances can I learn if I’m not a Dzogchen practitioner?

Why do I have to be a Dzogchen practitioner to practice the Dance of the Vajra?

Can I practice the Vajra Dance when I follow other religions or philosophies?

What do I need to bring when participating in a Vajra Dance course?

What should I do when I want to organize a Vajra Dance course?

Which teachers can I invite for a Vajra Dance course?

Can I invite another teacher, when there is a local teacher on place?

How many participants can take part in a Vajra Dance course?

How many days are needed to organize the different Vajra Dance courses?

What should I provide, when I organize a Vajra Dance course?

Where and how can I announce Vajra Dance courses?

Are there materials to announce Vajra Dance courses?

How can I get a mandala?

What do I have to do if I want to make a mandala for myself?

Which are the sizes of Earth Mandalas?

How can I choose the right size for my mandala?

Which material can be a mandala made of?

What is the World Mandala Archive?

What are training or string mandalas?

Where can I get the music for the Vajra Dance?

Can the Dance of the Vajra be shown publicly?

Is it necessary to wear the Vajra Dance costumes for public presentations or events?

Who can wear a Vajra Dance costume, and when?

Why the Dance of the Vajra is associated to CID-UNESCO?