What is a good way to learn and study the Dance of the Vajra?

The best way to learn is to attend a course led by an authorized teacher. When it is not possible to join a course in the near future, one can try to learn the basic steps and movements following other practitioners - without disturbing too much their practice - or studying the dance with videos and books. In this case, however, one should make the commitment to participate in a course with an authorized teacher as soon as possible, in order to check and correct oneself.

It is not advisable to rely solely on learning materials or skip the course to save money. From observation, it is not easy to notice or change mistakes, because habits form very quickly.

In accordance with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s advice, in order to keep the Dance of the Vajra pure to its origin it is important that every practitioner learns the dance correctly from the beginning, and always checks it with a teacher.