What should I provide, when I organize a Vajra Dance course?


  • a mandala (and, if it is a transportable one, adhesive tape to keep it in place),
  • a blue candle (or a – possibly blue - candleholder with a tea light) for indoor mandalas, or a crystal ball for outdoor mandalas or windy places, to place in the center of the mandala,
  • a cd/mp3 player and the music for the Vajra Dance,
  • cushion/chair/small table for the teacher and cushions or chairs for all participants,
  • water/tea/snack etc. for the teacher, and possibly also for the students,
  • optional a small ‘altar’ for incense and images supporting the practice.


If circumstances allow it, at the end of the course there will be a Ganapuja. In this case consider adding some time for it at the last teaching session.