Which is the procedure to become a local teacher of the Dance of the Vajra?

The international teachers of the Dance of the Vajra, Prima Mai and Adriana Dal Borgo, have been asked by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to prepare new Vajra Dance teachers. When they notice promising candidates during teacher training courses, they can ask them if they would like to collaborate with the International Dzogchen Community as Vajra Dance teachers.

If the candidate wishes to do so, he/she can start the procedure to become a 1st level teacher. After having attended at least two teacher trainings of this level, he/she will be asked to lead at least one course of every dance he/she will be able to teach (the Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings, the Dance of the Three Vajras and the Vajra Dance of the Dimension of Space (12 As)), under the supervision of one of the international teachers.

If the candidate passes the supervision, the international teachers present him/her to Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. The candidate has to give a short demonstration of the dance and answer some questions. If Rinpoche is satisfied with the choice of the international teachers, the candidate receives a diploma, which authorizes him/her to teach the Dance of the Vajra of the 1st level on a local level.

After some time of teaching experience it is possible to start the formation process to become a 2nd level teacher. The procedure is the same as explained above: two teacher trainings, supervision courses, and authorization by Rinpoche. Usually the international teachers contact the 1st level local teachers in order to organize the whole process.