Yantra Yoga is based on the ancient text Nyida Khajor, known in English as “The Union of the Sun and Moon.”

This text was written in the 8th century by Vairocana, one of the most skilled Buddhist Masters and translators of his time. This teaching has been passed down from teacher to student, in an unbroken lineage, since that time. The current lineage holder, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, a renowned cultural scholar and Dzogchen Master, has been transmitting Yantra Yoga in the West since the early 1970’s. He wrote a detailed commentary to the essential root text in 1976, which was based on the extensive personal training and understanding of Yantra Yoga that he received directly from his uncle, Togden Ugyen Tendzin, and other teachers in Tibet. His marvelous and complete text, called A Stainless Mirror of Jewels, has been published in his book entitled Yantra Yoga: The Tibetan Yoga of Movement.