Совет директоров

Совет директоров, в настоящее время насчитывающий четырёх человек, является международным управляющим органом Фонда Шанг Шунг.

(left to right) Alex Siedlecki, Marco Baseggio, the notary, Oliver Leick, Pia Bramezza, Ester Escudero, Carlos Ramos, seated Nancy Simmons

ATIF has five members of the Board of Directors: Marco Baseggio, Esther Escudero, Oliver Leick, Alex Siedlecki and Pia Bramezza.

Marco Baseggio is a president of the Board and its legal representative.The task assigned to him by the Master and Rosa Namkhai is to create the framework of ATIF in a legally correct and precise way as well as to supervise the process by which the assets of Shang Shung Foundation is merged with ATIF, with Merigar and new legal entities (Shang Shung Publications). Even the Museum of Asian Art and Culture (MACO) is merged into the new cultural foundation in the course of this complex process. At the end of this first phase of construction a new Chairman will be appointed.

Ester Escudero, ASIF’s representative in Spain, deals mainly with Communication, helping Marco Baseggio in many activities. She is the secretary of the Board for the Articles of Association.

Oliver Leick, Director of the Shang Shung Foundation is primarily responsible for the new Shang Shung Institute.

Pia Bramezza, the Merigar West accountant and Head of the Administration Department, mainly supervises the management system (management software with "cost centers" for each department).

Alex Siedlecki, Director of the Museum of Asian Art and Culture (MACO), is primarily responsible for the Foundation's museum activities.

The Board as a whole takes care of the overall management of the Foundation and in particular the start-up of an "institutional" fundraising activity.