Институт Шанг Шунг - Австралия

Shang Shung Institute Australia was founded in 2012 at Namgyalgar, the centre for the Dzogchen Community in Oceania at the Glasshouse Mountains in South East Queensland. Originator Chögyal Namkhai Norbu was present to inaugurate the Institute with the aim of preserving and promoting invaluable essential cultural heritage of Tibet in Australia for the benefit of all people. 

The Institute is a branch of the international Atiyoga Foundation. As such it works not only with cultural heritage – such as the Tibetan one that incorporates the ancient knowledge of humankind – but also with new frontiers of culture and science in the contemporary world. Shang Shung Institute Australia is thus actively building relationships and synergies with aligned cultural and educational organisations in order to offer courses, workshops, cultural events, etc.

In joint venture with registered Australian not-for-profit cultural organisation Aeon Arts Ltd, the Institute is involved in a program of activity under the title of Natural State Yoga & Wellness, which is dedicated to the realisation of a natural state of well-being shared by all people, through the continuation and evolution of ancient arts of yoga and health, and holistic culture.

Shang Shung Institute Australia is particularly committed to the establishment of pathways for students of Tibetan Medicine in Australia, and to this end it collaborates closely with its sister Shang Shung Institutes in the USA and Spain (Tenerife), and the international School of Tibetan Medicine.

Additionally, Shang Shung Institute Australia collaborates with the Dzogchen Community of Namgyalgar in order to offer a further range of public courses, workshops and cultural events representing the activities of Khaita joyful dance, Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance, Tibetan Art, Meditation, Presence & Awareness, and more.