Институт Шанг Шунг - Австрия

The Shang Shung Institute Austria was founded on January 1st in 2000 and is located in East-Styria about 45 km to East of Graz and about 160 km to the South of Vienna.

Together with the Yeselling, the Ling of the international Dzogchen-Community, the Shang Shung Institute Austria is located on the top of a lovely smooth hill, surrounded by vineyards and offering a marvelous view in all directions. 

Main tasks

The main activity of the Shang Shung Institute Austria is the management of the translation projects 


The mission of the Ka-ter translation project is first of all to guarantee qualified translations of the ancient wisdom, knowledge and experience of Tibetan culture into western languages, and to offer possibilities to study and learn Tibetan and to deepen ones knowledge in order to became a qualified translator. 

"If you want to have an understanding of Dzogchen, then we need the original books. And particularly, if in the future you want to teach and keep that transmission, you must study and apply the original texts.  It is not sufficient that you follow a teacher and listen what he says, although that might be good for you if you practice, for your realization.   However, if you are a practitioner, you must also think about tomorrow and of other people. In fact, when we do practice we say from the beginning that we practice to benefit all beings.  But how do we benefit them if we don't teach and do not preserve the Teachings for the future?  So that's why we also need to know about the original books of Dzogchen.  That is very important."

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

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Oliver Leick, the director of the Shang Shung Institute Austria since January 2000