Khaita Dance School is introducing a three-year educational program for new Khaita experts and instructors.

Second Course:

The dance is not separated from singing. In this week we will discover how these two aspects are connected, training ourselves and then using them in a harmonious way.
In workshop B (June 12th-14th with Giovanna Natalini ) "Singing.....what a discovery!" with some simple exercises we will be:

- using the body as a resonator of the voice.
- distinguishing and controlling the pitch, volume, speed and expression in the activity of singing - listening to who is singing with us
- moving as we sing.


The following subjects will also be looked at:
– dancing harmoniously in a group developing awareness and presence: deepening the meaning of the 3 principles of dem, gyud, drig with  Salima Celeri.
– choreographed dances: detailed study of some texts together with the corresponding movements – studying some of the sequences and combinations of the dances for demonstrating them.

Some open sessions are planned, where students will try teaching the other dancers, putting the ideas that they have learned into practice.


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Adriana Dal Borgo

For almost thirty years, Adriana Dal Borgo has been teaching contemplative dance and methods of the awareness of movement, harmonization of energy and the practice of awareness through sound and dance, with courses intended for expert dancers and beginners alike. She was born in Venice and possesses a degree in Psychology with a specialization in Psychotherapy. She met the Dzogchen teaching (Atiyoga) of the Master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, from whom she learned the Vajra Dance, a method related to dance and the integration of meditation in movement and, later on, the Khaita Joyful Dances.
Dancer and choreographer, she received the assignment from her Master to teach these dances and train other instructors.
She has overseen several publications and audio videos which go more deeply into the different aspects of the dances. She directs Khaita Dance courses and events, with shows and workshops in various countries. As well as teaching and coordinating the relative activities of these disciplines, she has combined her practical knowledge and academic studies to create structured projects that promote the instruction and spread of these.
She collaborates with MACO (Museum of Oriental Art And Culture) curating the sections related to Vajra Dance and Khaita Joyful Dances.
Up until now, Adriana has held hundreds of courses and trained instructors all over the world, enabling the discovery, by her students, of the joyful experience that the dance brings. Подробнее